Top Places in Gatineau Where You Can Bring Your Kids

If you are planning for a vacation in Gatineau, Canada with your kids then do not worry as the city offers a number of places where your kids can enjoy to the fullest. Before you go ahead and book the Delta Airlines Flights tickets, make sure that you know about the places which are just ideal for your kids.

  • Canadian Children’s Museum: This is one of the most popular attractions for kids in the city which has been witnessing huge footfalls since its inception in the year 1989. Tourists here can explore unbelievable destinations after destinations and can enjoy some hands on adventure. Whether on a trek to a desert pyramid, a visit to homes in the International Village, a trip to the Port of Entry to assist drop off a cargo ship, or a leisurely walk through the bustling Market Bazaar, visitors come across never-ending ways to learn about the world and about the residents.
  • Mackenzie King Estate: Located within Gatineau Park, this is an amazing place where you can visit with your family and kids to spend a quite hour. This 231-hectare country estate belonged to 10th and longest-serving Prime Minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King of Canada. This is a special place where you can spend the entire day enjoying the beauty of the nature. The Estate features exhibits, historical ruins and wonderful gardens, as well as activities for the entire family.
  • Altitude Gym: Altitude Gym offers a distinctive climbing experience. In an exceptional location, with over 100 routes up to 45 feet and a boulder of 2000 sq ft, experts and beginners can practice climbing in all its forms. One must try the Clip ‘N Climb theme park a striking action packed activity with 34 individually themed climbing challenges that offer healthy challenging fun for the entire family. It is a great place to bring kids and have a great time with the family.

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