Some Best Bars in Canada Which You Should Visit

Canada boasts some of the well-known pubs and bars which serves the finest wines along with the exotic cocktails. Great bars in Canada are not only chic or luxurious, but they are also comfortable retreats. The services offered by these bars are welcoming and the atmosphere is welcoming. Mentioned below are some of the best bars in Canada, which are must to visit places:

  • The Roost Social House: Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, this bar boasts gorgeous craft cocktails, small plates to share, and a stunning patio. This tiny bar is a favorite among younger people looking for a warm place for cocktails at affordable prices.
  • Storm Crow Tavern: Situated in Vancouver, British Columbia, this is a unique hangout offering microbrews and geek-themed bar fare, along with board games and science-fiction TV.
  • Mulberry Bar: Located in Toronto, this is an elegant, Parisian-style cocktail spot with flourishing greenery offering wine, cocktails and light snacks. The food menu here mainly focuses on choice of quality cheeses, typically French, and small snacks such as pate, sausage, a limited list of sweets and the much-loved white bean dip.
  • Wild Rose Brewery: Located in Calgary, Alberta, this place is well-known for serving the finest beer prepared by them only along with the mouth-watering food items.
  • Big in Japan Bar: This is perhaps the most beautiful bar in Montreal which serves the premium alcoholic beverages along with great food. The drinks range from selections of bourbon, whiskey, cognac, amaros (bitters), scotch, saké, and beer. The outstanding decor of the bar, the soothing atmosphere, and great cocktails will make an impression and delight for sure.
  • Noble in Halifax, Nova Scotia: Noble is a secretive bar tucked away from the chaos of downtown Halifax. Its hush-hush location and password only entrance just serves to add to the appeal of the experience.

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