Popular UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Canada

Canada is a beautiful country with a number of natural resources. The country also has a number of UNESCO world heritage sites which are worth viewing once you visit this place. Once you book your Delta Airlines Flights to visit Canada, make sure that you visit the below mentioned UNESCO world heritage sites here:

  • Dinosaur Provincial Park: It is also one of the richest fossil beds ever explored, yielding 500 species of antique flora and fauna. UNESCO documented the area as being important to humanity owing to both its geological significance, and its contribution to paleontology. Guided tours are conducted which take visitors into the fossil bed, where you may still see dino bones prodding through the dust.   
  • Old Town Lunenburg: Located in Nova Scotia this place has a population little more than 2000, and has been recognized by UNESCO as being the best existing instance of a British colonial settlement in North America. The town has conserved its look, including grid plan and painted wooden houses that dates back to the 18th century. Locals get reputation for protecting and retaining the architectural inheritance of the town. The place houses the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, together with a range of art studios and galleries.
  • Gros Morne National Park: The impressive beauty of Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland is not sufficient to make it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mountains, glacial valleys, plateaus and fjords are recognized for their loveliness; however it is the excellent illustration of continental drift that makes it an important addition.
  • Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks: UNESCO distinguishes the great Rockies through the national parks that safeguard its historical and natural legacy. There are seven parks that comprise some of the most gorgeous scenery anyplace on the planet, surrounding glaciers, mountains and waterfalls, lakes, icefields, forest, and caves.

These are some of the most popular UNESCO world heritage sites of Canada which you must explore when here.However, make sure that you book flight tickets by logging into Delta Airlines Official Site. To save money on the flight tickets, do avail the exclusive Delta Airlines Reservations and offers.

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